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Wholesale Pet Food

Wholesale Pet Food

Wholesale pet food is available from Trustpet Products Ltd at highly competitive prices. We pride ourselves on providing a high quality of product for a great price. Our pet food products are speciality selected to ensure that the correct nutritional requirement of the animal that that feel is intended, are contained with in the feed.

The term Pet food is used to describe plant or animal matter that is intended for the sustenance of animals that are kept as pets. In most cases, manufactures of pet food will specify which particular animal or group of animals the feed is intended for. There are many different types of pet food and each is slightly different, with there own characteristics.

For example, fish food contains the macro nutrients, vitamins and trace elements that are required to maintain well being in captive fish. It is estimated that around 80% of fish keepers feed their fish on prepared food in pellet, flake or tablet form. Theses different forms are required to cater for the different feeding habits of different fish. Tablet and pellet form fish foods are used to feed bottom feeding species, which generally are larger fish such as catfish or carp. While the flake variety of fish food tend to float on the surface of the water, thus are used to feed surface feeding fish.

Here at Trustpet Products Ltd we have the experience and attention to detail to advise you correctly on the requirement of your animals. We are here to make sure you make the right choice in your purchase of wholesale pet food

This article has been produce to provide general information and is not the opinion of the website owner/ company and has no relation to products and services provided by the company. For more information please contact us.

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