Bugalugs Peanut Butter 340g x 1

Supplier Code: BPEANBT340
Barcode: 5056176259242
RRP: £6.99

Dogs go barking mad for Bugalugs Peanut Butter! 100% natural protein rich treat, free from nasties, packed full of healthy fats and with no added sugar or salt, our human grade peanut butter paste is not only perfect for your canine companion, but you could eat it too!

Did you know that most peanut butter food formulas are not safe for dogs? 

This is not something that can be said for Bugalugs Dog Peanut Butter! 

Our specially formulated peanut butter paste for dogs contains only 100% roasted peanuts and nothing else, making it the only option for all dog breeds young and old!

Peanut butter for dogs is not only a delicious treat, but it is also excellent for hiding medication in that may otherwise be difficult for your dog to take. 

It is also excellent for use in training or as a distraction during unwanted bath times! Four-legged friend get bored easily?

Our peanut butter 100% roasted nut dog paste is the perfect treat for bored dogs and puppies. 

Simply spread the paste on lick mats for dogs or pet feeding mat. 

Alternatively, try stuffing the tasty creamy peanut butter paste into a toy to keep your canine occupied for hours.

A fantastic healthy source of protein, swap out the regular dog biscuits and generic snacks for a delicious doggy treat packed with nut protein, healthy fats, and vitamins!

This is a complementary food for dogs, to be used as a treat or a reward. 

The paste can be spread on/in your dog’s chew toys or on our Bugalugs Licking Mat as a boredom breaker. 

Always ensure fresh waster is accessible to your dog. 

This is a natural product so separation may occur.

Made with 100% roasted peanuts, nothing else

Rich in protein and healthy fats

A delicious treat for dogs

No added salt or sugar

Great as a treat or reward

No xylitol

No Palm Oil