Huskaloo Coconut Cat Litter 28 Day 1.5kg

Supplier Code: TGHUS01
Barcode: 0745178751391
RRP: £18.00

Huskaloo is made from coconut husk, a waste product of the coconut industry. A readily available, sustainable resource that just happens to be incredibly absorbent, hypo-allergenic  and naturally resistant to bacteria.

COCONUT HUSK is a sustainable resource that is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria. Each brick expands to make a tray of soft dry litter, and bicarbonate of soda treatment keeps your tray fresh and odour-free.

90% LIGHTER & SMALLER – Huskaloo Coconut Cat Litter is dehydrated and compressed, making it much lighter and smaller. Cheaper and greener to store and transport, and you don’t have to drag a big heavy bag home from the stores ever again.

HUSKALOO is compostable after use and all the packaging is recyclable and/or biodegradable. 2.5 million tons of cat litter currently goes to landfill in the UK each year. With Huskaloo, nothing goes to landfill.

EASY TO USE - 8oz of warm tap water (measuring cup in the box) turns one brick into one tray of litter. Leave the brick for 30 seconds and then fluff up the Huskaloo into a soft, inviting bed. The entire process takes less than a minute, and your tray will remain soft, fresh and dry for at least four days.

LABORATORY TESTED. Independent accredited lab tests have proved that not only is Huskaloo lighter and smaller that clay cat litter, it is also between 5 and 10 times more absorbent. It is lighter, smaller, greener and
more effective!

Each box of Huskaloo coconut cat litter contains seven individually wrapped bricks of compressed coconut husk fibre. Just pop one brick into your cat litter tray and add 8oz of warm water using the measuring cup provided, leave for 30 seconds and then fluff the coconut husk into a full tray of soft, dry litter. The entire prep takes less than one minute. Huskaloo is treated with bicarbonate of soda and incredibly absorbent, ensuring your tray will stay fresh and dry for at least four days.

When you’re ready to change the litter, the Huskaloo can be added to compost and used as a soil additive to aid root growth. All the packaging, including the sleeve and the measuring cup, is biodegradable and/or recyclable. Nothing needs to go to landfill.

Just one box, the size and weight of a cereal box, replaces a 15 kilo bag of clay cat litter. Huskaloo is a smaller, lighter, greener, cheaper alternative to traditional cat litters that saves landfill space, storage space, shipping space and fuel.

Clay cat litter is crazy. The solution is nuts – coconuts!