Conficlean2 Foam Hand Rub 150ml x 1

Supplier Code: CFR050
Barcode: 5023620150479
RRP: £7.99

 Conficlean2 Foam Hand Rub is a non-irritant, non-corrosive and non-sensitising at normal use rates.

Alcohol based sanitiser effective against

* Viruses

* Bacteria

* Yeast

* Fungi

The unique formula of Conficlean2 is kind to the hands, odourless, non-staining, and possesses powerful cleansing properties in addition to its strong disinfection ability.
One stop system cleans and disinfects
Research proves its fully effective against MRSA
Proven to kill viruses such as calici virus, Parvo and many others
Kills bacteria such as bordatella bronchiseptia (kennel cough)
Fights fungi such as Aspergillus Niger
Safe to use
Does not contain aldehydes